What was Miley Cyrus’s journey like from being a good girl in Hannah Montana to a wild kid? Read for the full story here.

The Tennessee born, Miley Cyrus’s overwhelming performance on the video music awards of 2013 MTV made it all clear on turning out to be the headline of every print media.

The all famous teen sensation for the role of Disney’s Hannah Montana (2006-2011) was greatly abused and criticized for twerking her sexually boosted dance moves. This sexually provocative dance moves made it into the headlines.

It was not the first time that an artist performed this kind of act on stage in order to achieve popularity. But this time, the public was all aware of safeguarding their child from this kind of activity and even stated that this generation went totally wild.

By this time republic came to know about the tactics that were played by the young generation in order to attract the opposite gender for a physical relationship whether we consider the rainbow parties or the use of hot sex bracelets to initiate sexual encounters.

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The high school students were not just having sexual intercourse but rather went too far too pregnant with their girls. A closer look into these incidents grabs the public’s mind on how the popular Star icon, such as Mile Cyrus, holds a corrupting influence on the young female fans.

Being a resident of the United States and having a teenage girl is a matter of concern. Now the parents need to sit down as an average age girl is losing her virginity at 15.

The now-adult character of Hannah Montana was a goofy, sassy girl. Disney’s control over the show, along with media exposure, made it a great deal to figure out the initiation of Miley Cyrus’s star kid career along with its end.

The life of Mile Cyrus was equipped with growing pains. Those are reflection and magnification to society. Whether we call it twerking, tattooing, or having drugs, no parent wants to show careless attitude towards their ward under these famous media personalities.