Bachelor In Paradise’s: Mike Johnson claps back fan’s allegation of not being ‘into women of colour’

Many ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fans is upset over Mike Johnson’s choice in the 12th August episode of the show. Fans bashed him for his choice to which Mike replied like a boss.

31-year-old Air Force veteran Mike Johnson had just made his debut on the show ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Mike was rumored of a love triangle with his co-stars Caelyn Miller- Keyes and Tayshia Adam. In the 12th August episode of the show, Mike used his date card on Caelyn instead of Tayshia.

This was not liked by fans, and a fan posted a comment on one of Mike’s Instagram posts of Thursday, August 15. The fan asked Mike, “WHY DIDN’T YOU PICK TAYSHIA????” Apart from this comment, another fan wrote with hatred accusing, “He (Mike) clearly is not into women of color!?”

Mike did not like the allegation and clapped back with a comment, “You don’t [sic] know me, so I’m not going to scold you, but I do know I don’t [sic] like you with this ignorant a** statement. I love women of color. 💯”

Mike ended up kissing former Miss North Carolina USA Caelyn on the outing. However, the 24-year-old beauty queen moved on very soon in the 13th August episode when Dean Unglert returned to the show. Meanwhile, 28-year-old Tayshia Adam decided to remain away from it all after her drama with Blake Horstman.

After becoming a fan favorite from Hannah Brown’s ‘Bachelorette,’ viewers are of hope that Mike might also become the next ‘Bachelor’ in 2020. In fact, an ABC viewer also wrote, “I think Mike Johnson will be the next bachelor. ABC is promoting him way too much for him NOT to be.”

Now let us just wait and watch if Mike rather finds love on the show.