Michelle Obama Gets Candid About her Unique Parenting Skills! Have a Look!

We all love Michelle Obama! Be it her intelligence or the way she always talks about women empowerment and lives by those ideas as well! Recently, a news release states how Michelle Obama has given her daughter a very important lesson in life.

Michelle Obama Talking About Uniforms, Making Beds And More! Have A Look.

Apparently, Michelle Obama not only changed the White House dress codes for butlers and also insisted her daughters clean their own rooms and not let maids do it. Michelle explained this move by stating that she begged the household helps to let both the girls clean their own rooms as they are not going to stay in the White House forever!

According to the former First Lady, the tuxedos just sent the wrong message to both Sasha and Malia who were young and as a mother, Michelle Obama didn’t want her daughters thinking that grown African American men serve them in tuxedos.

Michelle Obama Opens Up About Certain Things In New Netflix Documentary And You Just Cannot Miss It!

Michelle Obama further added that she refused to raise girls who cannot even make their own beds! All these were revealed in the major new Netflix documentary about her called ‘Becoming’, which airs on Wednesday.

The former first lady has always been very vocal about women rights, how important it is to be independent and other women related issues that needs utmost attention. The couple has also been candid about their parenting style when it come to their two daughters. You just cannot miss the nee Netflix documentary where Michelle Obama talks about several issues that will surely catch your attention for all the right reasons.