Michael Keaton just turned 69 and Might Be Reprising His Role In The Upcoming Flash Movie After 30 Years! Check out all updates.

With DC Comics expanding their lines of movies, the popular superhero figure The Flash is also going to get a standalone movie under the Warner Bros. banner.


An Iconic Actor Might Be Appearing In The Upcoming DC Movie, The Flash!

While the film is not coming up anytime soon, and the studio is still developing the movie, we have big news regarding the Flash movie and it seems like a known face is going to make his appearance in the DC movie. Who is it? Well, it is none other than The Dark Knight!


Who is going to star as Bruce Wayne in this upcoming movie? well, actor Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks with the studio and if everything goes according to plan, Keaton will be returning as Batman after thirty years. This would surely be an iconic moment to see him reprise the role almost after three decades.


Michael Keaton Is In Talks With The Studio For His Return.

This might be contradictory to the upcoming Matt Reeves’ The Batman. However, the DC Universe has made sure that all the different versions of the same character co-exist in this ever-expanding world of superheroes. This makes it clear that it won’t be affecting Matt Reeves’ movie in any way.


Moreover, Michael Keaton’s return is still not a sure thing yet, while the whole talk with the studio is still on an early stage with nothing confirmed as off yet. However, it would be great to see Keaton back as the Dark Knight. Seeing him return as the saviour of Gotham city, would be a big nostalgia for fans who are still in awe with Keaton’s version of The Batman.