Melissa Reeves from Days of our Lives is facing some serious criticism for supporting anti Black Lives Matter post! Check it out.

Instagram users were quick to figure out her stance and pointed it out for everyone else to see

Actress Melissa Reeves, who is known for her role in Days of Our Lives is facing a lot of criticism and backlash after her likes were spotted under controversial tweets of right wing supporter Candace Owens.

Her fans were in for a lot of disappointment when they got to see it for themselves after screenshots were provided on Instagram and sure enough, her likes were there. One of these tweets were even stating that the police gunning down Rayshard Brooks was “justified” and another one that showed COVID-19 being nicknamed “scamdemic” as it “was cancelled go accommodate the Let’s nationwide anarchist riots.”

People’s Opinions 

Reeves was called “trash” and other names after news started circulating. People expressed how supporting a person like this makes them feel like fools. But other fans even went to her defence and talked about how she was “completely lovely and non judgement” when they had a chance to interact with the actress during numerous Days of Our Lives events.

Her co-star Linsey Godfrey spoke her mind out by saying that even nice people can have the most awful moral compasses, and clarified that she in no way support her beliefs. She explained that there is no difference in opinion on racism, homophobia, transphobic, and xenophobia and said that she needs to do research on Candace Owens so that she can see for herself how much hate one can invite by liking a right-wing radical.

Lamon Archey, also from Days of Our Lives posted a gif from Just Mercy showing his disappointment in Reeves.

Meanwhile, Reeves hasn’t responded to any of this yet.