Megan Fox is now seeing Machine Gun Kelly after split from husband Brian Austin Green! Did he dump her because she was CHEATING?

The couple had been together for ten years and share three children

Megan Fox has more or less confirmed that she’s in a relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, after splitting from her husband of ten years, Brian Austin Green. The couple’s split had been in the news last month and rumours of this new romance also started popping up alongside.

Rumours started coming from sources saying if Megan cheated on Brian with the rapper, but Brian quickly came to Megan’s rescue and said that they were just “friends at this point.”

Apart for a long time

Source: TMZ

Brian revealed in his podcast that he and Fox split towards the end of 2019 and that nobody should villainize or vicitmize anyone because none of that really happened. They both were in agreement not to get involved in any way and just let the story be how people want it to be, and we all know how some news sources love blowing things out of proportion. He admitted that Megan decided to end things with him when she came from working abroad and “liked herself better during that experience”, meaning the couple must’ve had some tough times before that.

Brian said he and Fox are very much involved in their three children’s lives and will be supporting them as they grow up.

Meanwhile Fox and Kelly were spotted at Los Angeles and the couple seemed very much in love and weren’t trying to hide from the paparazzi. They are doing a movie together currently which had to be halted due to the coronavirus pandemic and they Fox also made her first appearance in a music video with Kelly’s Bloody Valentine track.

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