Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have moved far ahead in their relationship. What do they think of each other?

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, the two are married and have a happy life together. Mother to three kids, Megan has more than her marriage with husband Brian Austin Green has marriage been a matter of connection. The two have done several films and are known for their fame in the industry.

With many years of being together, the two have known each other well. They have done many movies together and were known from the first movie that they did together for their wonderful chemistry. Every couple that stays together have a feeling of love for the other and reinforces that in every way they can. However, this couple is known for something more. Check out what was spoken by the performers about each other on the basis of their chemistry.

From the first time they met, they had a special place in their hearts for the other individual. Professionals as they are, they have something more in common than just their successful careers. The first moment the two were working for the same project, their closeness got enhanced right from that instant. Kelly calls the relationship ‘Twin flame’ which is characteristic of how the two have had an immense connection from the first time they worked together as the two belong to the same soul, however, are two different bodies.

Such has been their connection that the two are considered to be the same kind with different physical bodies. The two have made their relationship vocal and official that there are official statements being made across both the sides of the family and some of them are disappointed, while Fox’s husband has shown grave concern towards what their relationship can turn into in the future is thing carry on the same way as now.