Away season 1: Will Emma Green be successful on her mission on Mars? Check out release date, cast, plot and latest updates.

How fascinating is life when we do things that interest us the most. When the things we do are made our profession, it becomes of greater importance and value. Such is the story of Away, a series that will be premiering this year by the end of the year. Series have something to carry with them, be it moral values or a message that the director wishes to give others. Away features the story of an American astronaut who went to the outer space to Mars with the International Space Station crew and had a difficult endeavor ahead of her.

The astronaut had to decide between leaving her family behind and going on the expenditure for her profession. Every passionate person can empathize with the character and appreciate the efforts it takes to make a decision like that which will have critics in their minds.

When will the series release?

The first season of the series will be made public in September 2020. The movie can be watched by enthusiastic viewers who like watching adventurous series. The plot of the series makes it tougher to wait for its release as the public wishes for the latest release of the series. 

Where can an individual watch the series?

The giant premiere platform, Netflix will release the movie on the platform and make it possible for the viewers to stream and watch the series. Those who are waiting for the series must renew their Netflix subscriptions and wait for the release which should not get any further delay like the other series due to the pandemic. Must be a thriller for those who are keen watchers of series. Viewers will have to show some patience before the series gets released.