MCU Thunderbolts Movie Happening, Will Be Marvel’s Version Of The Suicide Squad

The movie will be directed by Jake Schreier

Despite all that’s been happening with Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is another project that fans can expect – the Thunderbolts. The movie will be directed by Robot & Frank director Jake Schreier. The MCU has gone in many directions since the Infinity Saga wrapped up in 2019, with many heroes and villains returning or getting introduced. Now here is a movie that has characters with shades of gray at its center. Read on to find out more.

What We Know About Thunderbolts

Marvel Studios

The Thunderbolts are Marvel’s own version of DC’s Suicide Squad. The team consists of villains who are slowly understanding what’s right, along with antiheroes that exist within the MCU. With that comes the question on who will be added to the team. In the comics, a huge number of heroes, antiheroes, villains, and antivillains operated in the team. This includes Deadpool, Hawkeye, Baron Zemo, Crossbones, Taskmaster, U.S. Agent, and many others. In the comics, Baron Zemo formed this ragtag team after the Avengers got killed. They had evil intentions at the start, but slowly started enjoying being the ones who saved the day.

The Movie’s Chances


Now DC introduced all the Suicide Squad members in the 2016 movie. In the second one released in 2021, a new set were released, with some members from the original team returning. With Thunderbolts however, we are yet to see who will be there. But with Ryan Reynolds set to make his MCU debut as Deadpool, things are looking bright. Additionally, they can bring characters like Bucky Barnes, Contessa Val, the Abomination, and Ava/Ghost into this team.

The movie additionally has Black Widow‘s Eric Pearson as script writer. If all goes well, the movie is likely coming out in 2024. Many may not know, but Marvel already has started planning their next decade of movies, so Thunderbolts will be part of it.

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