Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” : Netflix unable to resolve the release clash yet!

Martin Scorsese’s new film, ‘The Irishman’ is in between crossfires of the recent streaming wars. The Netflix thriller is set to premiere on the opening day of the New York Film Festival.

The strong contender for the 2020 Oscars, went to Netflix after Paramount Pictures backed out of the huge proposed budget of $159 million. It is still unclear where the De Niro – Pachino partnership is set to release. Negotiations have been going on for months and are still underway. This marks the recent skirmish between the old film industry and the new streaming entertainment services. The negotiations are between Netflix, AMC Theatres and Cineplex. Sources reveal that director Scorsese wants a national theatrical release for the movie.

The main point of contention is that the theaters and multiplexes want an impasse period of at least 3 months when Netflix will not stream the movie online. Commenting on the situation, Richard Greenfield, a media analyst shared how Netflix needs to attract more members and provide more to its current subscribers. And in this regard, the crime drama Irishman is very important.

With its release date of 27th September nearing, the movie is in its final stages of post-production. The movie started shooting in 2017 and has been in the news for its use of “de-aging” effects to make the actors like De Niro and Al Pacino look like their younger selves in the decade-spanning saga.

The Irishman marks the first time Al Pacino and Martin Scorsese will be teaming up. The film is a crime biopic based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt. The film stars Robert DE Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keitel. The film will be the greatest collaboration of the biggest mob actors of our generation, between Pacino, De Niro, and Pesci.