Mark’s Still an Underachiever in his Own World, with Glistering Trophy Cabinet Many can Only Think About.

Listening to The Telegraph Road who can ever think it’s a lifeless bunch of old toss unless one is Mark Knopfler. The highly celebrated and successful singer is quite expert in underlying his abilities despite playing for one of the worlds biggest bands, Dire Straits and also being 27th on Rolling Stones’ 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Young Mark Knopfler black and white

Mark’s perception of success is surprising; every victory has a bittersweet taste, he added in an interview back in 1993. The guitarist was happy with a well organized massive world tour of Dire Straits which had concluded recently. The British songwriter who always experimented with his work also had praise for huge crowd and space between legs to recreate songs with some ting.

The well Greased Band.

The Guitarists reckons Dire Strait’s gigs crucial low affair compared to the ‘jackpot bands,’ as referred to some. He believed in robust projecting one selves when undertaking a more significant project and handling a large crowd. He recalls the interplay was always increasing between the band and rarely did the soundchecks although sometimes performing with an extensive array of instruments with five people singing — the Band’s too loud, with a phenomenal sound to handle any issue and monitoring.

Dire Straits is the loudest band he had played in, he notes. He further added that one can not always keep a check stage sound level; it sometimes takes the spark out of the performance- one needs to know there’s a rock band performing.

After producing some epic tracks namely, Private Investigation, Telegraph Road, and Industrial Disease, to name a few the band disbanded in 1995.

Learning from Chet.

Mark also had the honor of collaborating with Country Music pioneer Chet Atkins, an American songwriter, and producer on the Neck and Neck album. Knopfler recalled that he even refused payment as they were working on a little budget with only a couple of studio dates and most of the collection was home produced. It was always an opportunity to learn from the music tremendous and was honored to be only Englishman to consider, he added.

Still on the Roll.

Remembering the British high born on August 12, 1949, has composed the film score for the likes of Local Hero, Cal, and Altamira. The four-time Grammy winner was inducted in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018 as a member Dire Straits, still considers himself an underachiever.


Composing, writing, and producing songs to the day Mark has never left the music scene, and he continues to perform live at 70; with his ongoing Europe and USA tour.