Mark Zuckerberg Made Some serious Criticism About How Apple App Store And talked about The Need Of Scrutiny !

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made some bold statements in a recent interview session with Axios about the Apple company. He made some insightful details about how the company giant does all the app work.

Mark Zuckerberg Has Made Some Interesting Comments About The Apple App Store!

While Zuckerberg made some details about how it might be enabling a robust of a competitive dynamic. Moreover, he also praised Google who allows users to sideload apps other than it’s official Google Play store.

When asked to elaborate on his points, he did further stated that how he feels like The Apple App store has unilateral control over what gets into the phone in terms of apps. It seems like users should be given freedom to create and take in apps that they wish to which might have been hindered in this scenario.

Facebook Founder Appreciated The Google Play Store And The Workings Of It.

The Apple store has faced some criticism earlier because it makes apple users use its payment system for in-app purchases, which automatically takes in a 30% commission.

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent criticism might have come up after the Apple company refused to waive the fee for a new Facebook feature. The feature option was undertaken to help small business owners sell tickets for virtual events. So, we can u understand why the founder was not quite thrilled by the decision that was taken by Apple company. The Apple giant also faced some issues with the Fortnite game developer Epic Games . We wonder how will the company react to these criticism recently made by the Facebook founder. Well, that is something that we might be seeing soon whether a change is made.