Animated Series The Hollow Has Been Canceled And Fans Are Not Happy! Check out the reason behind the tragic decision.

It seems like a popular animated series he finally called it quits and starting giant Netflix has canceled the show!

Animated Series The Hollow Has Officially Been Canceled By Netflix!

Apparently, the animated series The Hollow is finally drawing the fountains after two seasons, there is not going to be any more seasons, and all the social media pages have also further confirmed the calculation news. Have a look of this official announcement made by The Hollow Twitter page about the cancellation.


The page posted a short note saying that they had an amazing time while making the show and thanked fans for their constant love and support for the series. The second season arrived on the streaming platform in May 2020. This sudden news of cancelation has surely surprised fans as we surely did not see this coming!

Cast Members And Fans Are Shocked With The News Of Cancelation.

Connor Parnall, who is one of the voices of the series also addressed this cancellation saying that it has been an amazing ride and thanked all the fans. He also further revealed that he himself was not aware of the cancelation and was not aware until he saw the tweet. Even he was shocked as he was not aware of the cancelation.


Fans are definitely not quite thrilled about the cancelation and some have expressed their disagreement over social media. Some even claimed that the show was a great one and the cancelation was totally uncalled for!Netflix has been making some big decisions regarding all the shows and series, and while the cancellation was totally unexpected we will surely miss the show. The Hollow season 1&2 are available for streaming on Netflix.