Mariah and Monroe: The Mother-Daughter Hitting The Notes High For a TikTok Video

Popstar Mariah Carey and her daughter are high on making TikTok videos. Carey recently tweeted a video which showed her daughter appearing to emit some high notes with inherited expertise. It appeared as if Monroe is singing in her mother’s signature falsetto. Later in the video, Carey was seen standing nearby, telling her daughter “What? You said to do the high note!”

The tweet came as a reply to a tweet from PopCulture2000s account which talked about Carey’s performance on MTV Unplugged back in 1993 that disproved the critics at the time when it was claimed she couldn’t hit those high notes in a live setting.

The tweet was presented alongside a video of Carey’s said performance, showing Carey hitting her famous whistle register while singing “Emotions” live.

From singing with their famous popstar Mommy both on stage and jamming in the car to starring in her music videos, Monroe and her twin brother Moroccan Scott are certainly showing they’ve got the talent to follow in Carey’s footsteps. Monroe and her twin brother Moroccan are Carey’s kids with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon. The couple got divorced in 2017.

Recently Carey released a brand new video for ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ which included both Moroccan and Monroe. the two-star kids were seen getting down to their mom’s 1994 holiday hit. Monroe was dressed in a Santa-inspired dress that perfectly matched Carey’s, while her brother kept it casual in blue jeans and a red hoodie.

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The “We Belong Together” female songster was recently named as one of the illustrious artists who will be inducted into The Songwriter Hall of Fame, calling it one of the greatest honours.

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