Good Girls Season Three is a Bash That You Don’t Want to Skip. Check Out What All You Missed So Far!

With the blast in the finale of good girl season 2. NBC crime drama Good Girls left the viewers baffled and thrilled. The plot submerges at the end of season two, Beth, Annie and ruby’s half-witted plan jeopardise their stakes and risk their lives, forcing them to enter the swamp of mishappening and thrill.

Every girl has their own problems which lead them into such an ambush situation. Beth’s problematic relationship with her love interest Rio becomes a nightmare for the crew, costing her every bite for which she entered this swamp. Soon Beth hits the bell and decides to take the drivers to end in their business by siding Rio and letting him out of her life.

The blast of the third season was heard on 16th February 2020 season will consist of 16 episodes more than the previous two seasons.

Ruby, after putting her relationship with her husband Stan in danger, and Annie discover some facts about Noah which terrifies her, well we won’t get into a further discussion as it could be a spoiler.

Also, Beth’s new buddy in season 3 could change their minds, well it’s known that Rhea is no other than Rio’s baby momma, which make others ask beth reason of befriending her.

Good Girls Season Three is a Bash That You Don't Want to Skip. Check Out What All You Missed So Far! 1
Picture: NBC

Well according to trio creator of show may add fourth accomplice to the trio. Per TVLine, Beth, Annie, and Ruby will be provided with the skills of a graphic designer to help in their latest money laundering venture. Charlyne Yi, the House actress. She will take the role to help make the girls some cash.

The character may be cunning, might be more trouble to the trio than help. Well according to makers we might see rio back with the bash. After all he was one of the plus of the show.