Mammals: Amazon Prime Dropped a New Trailer for The Dark Comedy Drama

Mammals: Prime video brings you a new Dark-comedy to grasp your excitement

Prime video has officially released the trailer of the ” Mammals.” The trailer seems quite interesting to watch as it portrays dark- comedy which will include a mystery with unimaginable number of events with a twist of comic characters.

Cast you will be excited to know about

Stephanie Laing’s drama “Mammals” is written by Jez Butterworth. With the unbeatable scripts, which contains a storyline in which Jamie (Corden) is a chef who finds out some shocking secrets about his newly pregnant wife named Amandine (Melia Kreiling).

Jamie takes help of his brother-in-law (Colin Morgan) and tries to find out the answer to his question but stumbles upon cracks in Jeff’s marriage to Jamie’s sister Lue (Hawkins) along the way.

Except for that Melia Kreiling (Filthy Rich), Colin Morgan (Humans), Henry Lloyd- Hughes (Killing Eve) and Samuel Anderson (Witless) will also be seen the drama.

Mammals is going to release in the next month by Amazon and will be streamed on TV via Prime service from November 11,2022.

According to the reports, the drama will be of six episodes. Despite of the fact that the trailer has caught a good number of viewers, you still will never be able to know about the actual story without watching it.

Jez Butterworth keeps from Emilio Madrid-Kuser

While the writer gives us a clue about the drama as he calls marriage as the “most magical” thing. He talks about how in a world full of chaos with almost 8 billion people, you certainly find one who gets you and you would like to have a commitment with.

The movie has already ignited a deep interest from people and we hope it lives upti the hype created from trailer.

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