Maggie and Vic from “Station 19” showed up in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and looks like there Romance will start with the end Grey’s Anatomy season 16!! Check out for more details..

Grey’s Anatomy’ is an American medical drama. It was first premiered on March 27, 2005, on the American Broadcasting Company. The series dwells into the lives of surgical interns, residents, and attending doctors as they find their way to becoming successful doctors maintaining personal lives and relationship.

The show was left as a cliff hanger in the finale of the fifteenth season. With the premiere of the sixteenth season, the show tried to resolve the unanswered questions. We saw Jackson (Jesse Williams) lost In the fog. But, he was found alive; he was helping a hiking couple that was in dire need of help. Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Vic (Barrett Doss) from Station 19 showed up to help.

Jackson and Maggie’s relationship was on cliff hanger too. They had to face harsh realities that their relationship was much on its last legs. Jackson broke up with her in the worst way possible. He called their relationship “broken” beyond repair. The show’s romance again got a start. This time again it was Jackson as found solace in Station 19 firefighter Vic. At that time, Vic was still grieving over her fiance’s death. The undercurrents of their love were already teased by Krista Vernoff ahead of the premiere’s release.

In an interview with the ET, Krista Vernoff said that the breakup was a long time coming. Jackson and Maggie had a fight which nearly shook the roots on which their relationship was standing. She said that she loves both the characters and was very painful to go through the breakup period. The new love story will roll slowly, though.

Time will tell whether fans will like the new brewing of romance, or they just cannot let go of their past memories. It’s just the first episode; the whole season is yet to unfold. Buckle up; the ride will be a bumpy one, full of joy and heartbreaking moments.