Lupin: Is the Netflix Thriller Returning for Season 3? Everything to know about the Series

Lupin – The French Thriller isn’t returning anytime soon!!

The French heist thriller series Lupin is based on Maurice LeBlanc’s Arsène Lupin and is currently in its third season. The mystery crime thriller is based on a French narrative about a world-famous gentleman burglar known as the master of disguise. Here’s more on the Lupin Season 3 release date.

Lupin premiered on Netflix in 2021 with a five-episode initial season. It was revived for a second season due to its success and popularity. The sitcom is anticipated to return to the streaming platform with its third season after earning great reviews for its interesting plots and well-developed characters.


Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Vincent Londez, Soufiane Guerrab, and Shirine Boutella are among the Lupin cast members. Assane Diop, a professional thief, seeks vengeance for his father’s death after his boss Hubert Pellegrini falsely accuses him of a crime he did not commit. Babakar Diop, his father, killed himself in his prison cell out of humiliation. Assane Diop tries to reveal Pellegrini’s crimes by using his charm, thievery mastery, and disguise.

The series, created by George Kay and François Uzan, became Netflix’s most popular non-English series within the first month of its release. The sitcom has been renewed for a third season due to its growing popularity.

The Story


Assane dreamed of big chances as he moved to another country with his father. His father wished to forget the dreadful circumstances in which he had grown up. After working for powerful people, he was suspected of a massive theft. The man did not want to rot in prison, and he was ashamed that his son’s image would be tarnished by an unsatisfactory conduct. He hanged himself, unable to face the humiliation and without considering the boy’s suffering.

He grew up recalling a book about a brilliant burglar that was read to him every night before bed. His eccentric lifestyle influenced Assane, who was already an adult and charismatic man. He began learning how to steal in order to exact vengeance on the wealthy. He has no doubt that they are not ashamed of the emigrant’s filthy set-up.


Cast of Lupin Season 3

In the third season, the key characters Omar Sy, Antoine Gouy, Ludivine Sagnier, Hervé Pierre, Soufiane Guerrab, and others are set to return. Fargass Assande reprises his role as Assane’s father, Babakar, in flashbacks. Stefan Crepon, who played Philippe Courbet in Season 2 of the French-language series, may return for the next season.


Fans can expect to meet some new faces in Season 3 according to the creators.

How many episodes will Season 3 have?

Lupin Season 3, if ever sees the light, will probably have five episodes, much like the previous seasons, if Netflix follows tradition.

Release date for Season 3

As of yet, there is no official Lupin Season 3 release date. In an earlier interview, creator George Kay stated that new episodes of Lupin are most likely to return in 2022.

Where can I see the show?

Netflix has all of Lupin’s episodes available to watch.