Daybreak Season 2: Everything we know about the cancelled teen dramedy

Daybreak, Another potential show bites the dust

Daybreak, which released just before Halloween in 2019, was a smash hit for Netflix. The show was a post-apocalyptic high-school drama comedy that took inspiration from The Breakfast Club and Mad Max. It received immediate critical acclaim, and fans eagerly awaited the announcement of a second season. Sadly, that wonderful news never arrived. Here’s what we know regarding the cancellation of the show.


Has Netflix renewed Daybreak?

Regrettably, no. In December 2019, just a few months after Season 1 ended, Netflix confirmed that Daybreak will not be renewed for a second season. In a tweet, co-creator Aron Coleite broke the news.

What happened in Daybreak’s first season?

Daybreak is set in a post-apocalyptic world that incorporates a wide range of genre fiction motifs. It has gangs, ronin, and cliques like to those found in classic high school flicks such as Mean Girls. Teenage survivors roam the Los Angeles terrain in the world of Daybreak, vying for control in cliques that imitate those of everyday high school life, such as the Cheermazons and the Jocks.

Josh is our protagonist, a lone wolf on the lookout for his missing girlfriend, Sam. Angelica Green, a 10-year-old punk rock genius and pyromaniac, and Austin Crute (Booksmart) as Wesley Fists, a ronin-like character on the lookout for forgiveness, soon join him.


The cast joins forces against the show’s villain, Matthew Broderick, who plays Ferris Bueller. Broderick plays the wicked Baron Triumph, a former high school administrator who has transformed himself into the villainous Baron Triumph.

In ‘Daybreak,’ there are some significant ‘Fallout’ undertones. Netflix

Josh’s quest for Sam and the gradual coming together of his group occupy the most of the first season of the show. It also delves into the rivalries between the various gangs of survivors as they fight for territory and social status.

As the survivors face up against Broderick’s Baron Triumph, the season draws to a close. Even though they win in the season finale, they still have a long way to go. When Josh offers Sam the chance to reconcile and ride out into the sunset together, she declines, instead declaring herself the new leader of the town. Kneel before their new queen, Jocks and Cheermazons alike.

What may have happened in Season 2 of Daybreak?


Season 2, if the show had continued, would almost certainly have focused on the new societal dynamics created by Sam’s accession to the throne. Her ascension in the finale had a sinister ring to it, and it’s safe to say her rule wouldn’t have been exactly kind and just.

In terms of character development, the season would have required to focus on Josh realising that his ideas about who Sam is are outdated and misogynistic – he only only saw her as a damsel in distress, not her own person, as she put it. Josh would have to learn faster and better if he wants to survive the apocalypse.

Daybreak is presently available to watch on Netflix.