Lucifer Season 5: Netflix Premiere Date, Cast Members And Story line. Netflix Poised to Renew Drama Again on their Platform!!

Devil, A word which was heard by many, feared by many but not anymore as Netflix’s one of the most trending show is “Lucifer”. The show was planned to be ended by season 4 but it seems the audience wanted more of the devil and as a result, Netflix has to renew it for the 5th season.

It’s wonderful news for the fans as the show is beloved by many, but here comes the tragic part “It’s going to be the last season”. Netflix has just announced that the show is going to be renewed but for the last time.

Now, due to this fans are providing a lot of theories that there is a chance that the show might come up for the 6th season and as a show which is loved by the fans, it might just happen. Eventually, we don’t have anything rock solid to prove our point at this moment.

The story is going to be a little stingy as Chloe professed her love for Lucifer in the last season and giving the sneak peek of Lucifer taking back his position as the Prince of Hell could hint towards the fact that the fun time on earth is over and it’s time to get back to work.

The show could also lean to a different end lead to a new season as far as the cast concerned the show’s cast is going to remain the same as the last season and social media is also filled with the news of the confirmation of the upcoming season.

We still don’t know the exact date and yes, there is no trailer is not released but the upcoming season is going to be released this spring. So, people hold yourself together because the devil is all set to come again and entertain you.