“Love was in the air, however only for ten minutes”: Newlyweds from Texas Killed in Crash, Were Married Only For Minutes.


Texas Police has recently reported that two love birds wearing a tuxedo and a wedding dress got slaughtered in an accident with a truck. The couple’s vehicle attempted to leave the garage of the Justice of the Peace.

The couple got hit by the truck with immense power. The power was incredible to such an extent that the witnesses say the vehicle flipped on various occasions before stopping in a dump.
19-year-old Morgan and 20-year-old Boudreaux were articulated dead on Friday at the scene by a similar Justice of the Peace who had quite recently got them married.

Harley Morgan was all the while wearing his suit and Rhiannon Boudreaux her wedding dress when the Texas “youth sweethearts” were killed in the accident minutes after they were hitched.
The priest said that he is for five minutes. “You may kiss the lady of the hour,” Orange police Cpt. Keith Langlois said. The family was ideal behind them. They were all going out to go to any place they would have their gathering.
Langlois said they were “youth sweethearts” who chose to be hitched by a prominent Orange County Justice of the Peace Joy Dubose-Simonton.
He said the groom was driving when he attempted to leave the garage of the Justice of The Peacebuilding onto a five-path expressway. A truck pulling a trailer conveying an overwhelming tractor hammered into their vehicle. The power was incredible to such an extent that witnesses said the car flipped on different occasions before stopping in a discard.

The driver of the truck was not distinguished, but instead, Langlois said he was collaborating with the examination, and there was no indication of bad behavior. Medication and liquor tests would be led, he said.
He said that he needed to stay there and watch his two children bite the dust,” the mother of the man of the hour, LaShawna Morgan, told the Beaumont Enterprise.


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