Despite Coronavirus Crisis, ‘Love Island’ is Returning This Year for an Autumn Edition at Canary Islands

The show was pushed to 2021, but current reports state that it will premiere this year itself. 

Some good news for the Love Island fans. The show’s summer installment had been pushed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems that it’s all set to be premiered in 2020.

If sources are to be believed, the show is going to be shot at the Canary Islands and is going to be a special autumn edition.

The source was quoted as saying, “The location is up in the air, as Majorca would maybe be a bit chilly by September/October, but the Canary Islands could be possible.”

New changes 

Casting had started before the pandemic occurred, and the producers are making sure that they will be starring in this season.

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Ladies and gents, your class of 2020. What a bunch of beauts! #LoveIsland

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The show didn’t have any memorable characters in their winter edition, so the producers have been pulling out all the stops and have actually found some contestants with looks, brains, and personality as well.

Director of Television at ITV Kevin Lygo spoke about the changes they had to make. He explained that it would be impossible to make the show during the summer as the crisis has been going as strong as when it started, and they will not be able to safeguard everyone in this situation. He apologized to the fans of the show and said that the show would be returning stronger than before in 2021.

The new host Laura Whitmore has also explained that social distancing is key right now and the show will be postponed till that, along with the travel restrictions have been lifted.

This came before saying that the show might premiere in 2020, but the news should still be taken with a grain of salt. After all, safety is the biggest priority.