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Love After Lockup Is Pretty High On Drama And Shawn Might Be Hiding A Big Secret As Well! What is it?

It seems like the reality show Love After Lockup was just too high on drama this week and the twists and turns have surely shocked fans especially after whatever between Shawn and Destinie’s rocky relationship.

Destinie Might Be Keeping A Big Secret All To Herself!

Things went on to tale a rather dramatic and violent turn when Destinie punched Shawn right in the face after discovering the shocking truth of Shawn co-parenting six children with a woman he is not married to! He also seems to have lied about his age as well!

However, it is not just Shawn who has been keeping terrible secrets about his life, Destinie in a shocking turn of events, revealed that she has been intimate to women in prison. Moreover, she is even considering continuing those relationships even though she is in a committed relationship with Shawn. How will Shawn react after knowing this big Revelation! We have to sat turned to the upcoming episodes!

Shawn And Destinie Have Their Fair Share Of Fights On The Show!

Fans are wondering whether this big secret will come in front of Shawn and how will this truth affect his relationship with Destinie after this bombastic secret comes out in the open. While the relationship the two shares might have a rocky start and some intense fights in between but nevertheless the couple do care for each other a lot.

The couple has their own secrets that might hamper the romantic flow between the two. While Shawn’s big secret created a huge problem between the two , we  wonder what would be Shawn’s reaction after knowing Destinie’s big secret and her desire to continue having sex with her prison inmates!

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