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Matt Jackson Uploaded A Video On Instagram And The Whole Comment Section Became A Bit Too Dramatic!

It seems like one of the sports figures tried to joke about another sportsperson on Instagram and what happened after that is what fans need to keep an eye on. We have the whole incident here, all in detail!

Matt Jackson And Randy Orton Got Involved In An Interesting Conversation On Instagram.

Apparently, this week Matt Jackson posted an interesting clip of him doing a rather impressive flip at the Young Bucks vs. Grayson and Evil Uno on this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite. However, Randy Orton seemed to be not that thrilled with the flip and tried to put forward his comments. Take a look at the video clipping that was uploaded by Matt Jackson in the first place.

According to Randy Orton, the flip was not at all impressive, rather he went on to say that Jackson rattled off on a bunch of WWE members who are presently working in AEW. He said it was a rather sweet landing and he didn’t hit anybody!

Matt Jackson Gave Randy Orton A Fittin Reply To What He Commented!

However, it seems like Matt Jackson was not going to be silent and went on and replied asking Orton to thank Paul for the generous offer in 2018. Fans pretty much lost it when they saw the two having a bit of a cold war on the comment section.  Take a look at the reply that Matt Jackson gave and let’s just say it was way too sarcastic!

Moreover, as it can be seen Randy’s comment was aptly tackled by Jackson without being all angry or aggressive.  We wonder whether Orton is going to give a reply or not to what Jackson has written back.

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