Louis Tomlinson’s first solo debut album releases after his life in One Direction. And the album is already breaking records!

One Direction former band member Louis Tomlinson has recently released his solo debut song ‘Walls’.

After listening to the debut song track of Louis, it feels like going around with a high school counselor who stayed back in the hometown while the rest of the mates moved away.

This song has a major connection with the glorious days of 1 Direction that faded away slowly with time. The school counselor is charming and his old stories are still fascinating. However, While watching the video, you hope that he gradually moves on from that phase.

It is true that it was hard for all the members to step out of the band and start a solo career. But, Harry Styles is doing pretty well. And of course, Zayn Malik who moved to R&B style pop music.

The same way, Louis Tomlinson has to break the walls and free himself of the past. Songs like “Perfect Now” has lines like ‘I guess some Queens don’t need a Crown’ is heartbreaking and has a dark vibe when put to a song next to Billie Eilish’s song. This song takes back to the old days of 1D.

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This is incredible, thanks so much for this @YouTubeMusic ! All of this support has been unreal

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While some tracks address the long lost love much humored to be sung in the memory of his former bandmates.

The new debut track ‘Walls’ was released on the 31st of January 2020. In an interview with Far Out Magazine, the singer said that his song is influenced by the Indie rock and Britpop bands.

The English singer announced the release of the song through his social media handle. He wrote that he is excited that finally, he is back and thanked his fans for their patience and support.

Fans are excited to see their popstar back and showed such love and support to the track. Some fans said that the track is worth the wait. Whiles others said that it is one of the best works of Louis.