Lopez vs Lopez gets promotion with extra 9 episodes on its first season

Lopez vs Lopez has created more fun and ranked high digitally

Lopez vs Lopez gets extended with an additional nine episodes on NBC, just after its first season release, making the entire season carry 22 episodes.

The series shows an old school father, George Lopez, moving in with his contemporary Gen Z daughter, Mayan Lopez, which now explains the title of the show “Lopez Vs Lopez,” making them crisscross and clash while they try to heal their broken relationship, one step at a time.

Lopez vs Lopez

The creator Debby Wolfe released this working-class family comedy that is about dysfunction, reunion, and all the heat yet joy in between the relationships. The themes in the series show parent vs child, old vs modern, and blood vs blood.

This happens to be the 2nd debut series to get ordered from NBC for an extension of episodes this fall, where before it was Quantum Leap, which was picked up on October 9, 2022, and now it’s Lopez vs Lopez.

The debuting show is the top-rated NBC comedy on Peacock and banged the tag of the highest English-dominant Hispanic index among other broadcast networks of the said series. The show’s pilot episode went high up to a 1.6 rating in the ‘18-49 demo’ (it is a sales target that helps network sell their ads for 18-49-year-old people as a target) and earned 7.6 million viewers across digital viewing.

Other than the Lopez blood on the show, the other star casts are Brice Gonzalez, Selenis Leyva, Al Madrigal, and Matt Shively. The series Lopez vs Lopez comes under the production of Universal Television, with Bruce Helford, Michael Rotenberg, Bruce Helford, and Katie Newman as executive producers.

With such an amazing response from viewers and the telecast platforms, it is pretty sure that the series is going to thrive as a long-term ongoing comedy yet adult relationships show as of now.