Looks like equality is far away from reality!! Amber Heard slammed Instagram Community Guidelines over Female Nudity! Shared Jason Momoa picture representing double standards!!

Instagram once again has been slammed for its guidelines regarding subjects of nudity.

Amber Heard,33, is an American based actress and model. She posted a pic of her in open black blazer and pantyhose and lingerie along with Jason, where she has been objectified that her nipples were quite visible from the blazer.

She slammed the duality in the standard of IG  guidelines as her post has been censored and removed from the site recent Sunday.

Heard posted a photoshopped image of her and Momoa in the same shot with her bare chest superimposed over his, explaining her point.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she shared a side-by-side of the photoshopped shot of Momoa and the original shot of herself, writing: “Is there a difference, with the options, A. Yes, One is art and B. This policy is bulls***.”

In response to the removal, Heard posted another picture in which she posted the same photo, photoshopping Momoa’s face and chest in place of her own. This edited image has not been removed from Instagram.

The point of doing so was that she wanted to make others know how Instagram has a sexist mindset, where it is alright to show off the male chest and nipples, but on the other hand, it becomes a serious issue if a female does so.

Amber also made it clear that she has no rivalry or any sort of issues with Jason Momoa; it’s just that she wanted to show the unjust behavior of IG.