Van Lathan assures his followers on Twitter and Instagram that he was doing okay after his argument with Michael Babcock has surfaced over Internet!!

Van Lathan from TMZ was reportedly fired after he got into an argument with the producer Michael Babcock. According to the reports from Page Six, the disagreement between Van Lathan and Michael Babcock occurred before a week and a half when they both appeared online together on the show “TMZ Live.”

However, their argument was edited out of the show when it aired, and the reason was not specified. But according to Page Six claims, Van Lathan and Michael Babcock were arguing about something over politics, and Michael Babcock was leaning over something “to the right.”

Image: Selector News Station

After the segment, Van Lathan confronted Michael Babcock and told him not ever to embarrass him again that way. Many people on social media have accused the TMZ of showing a racial double standard, and Van Lathan has taken to Twitter to respond to all the well-wishers, who have been checking on him ever since the article broke out on 21st October.

According to Page Six, when they have contacted Van Lathan to reveal a few more details about the argument, he has declined to comment on the matters without speaking to an attorney. When he reached out, Michael Babcock has hung up, and TMZ did not respond to confirm anything yet.

Van Lathan had last made headlines when he called out Kanye West and made some disturbing claims. According to the reports from CNN, Van Lathan told Kanye West that when he was away making music and living his life, the rest of them in the society was forced to deal with threats made to their lives.

Van Lathan said that they had to deal with the marginalization that was passed down from 400 years of slavery and added that Kanye West said that slavery was a choice.

Van Lathan took to Instagram and Twitter to convey that he was doing fine and that he means it.