Lizzo Shines Bright In The Vogue Photoshop While Talking About Body Positivity And Voting Rights!

Popstar Lizzo has soon walked down the path of fame with her back to back hart topper music tracks and with being vocal about certain social issues, the woman is a youth icon for us all.

Lizzo Looks Stunning In Her Recent Vogue Photoshoot!

Recently, the Tempo hitmaker had done a wonderful cover shoot for Vogue magazine and meanwhile opened up about the sensational Black Lives Matter movement, body positivity, and why voting is so very important. Here are some of the images from the empowering Vogue photoshoot. The singing sensation sure looks like a dream in a beautiful red dress!

The singing sensation was dressed in Valentino, Moschino Couture, Gucci, and LaQuan Smith while talking about how she is simply a Black woman who is making music from a Black experience! She further said that she wants to make music that helps.

The Juice Hitmaker Talks About Black Lives And More.

The singer who has been a strong spokesperson for body positivity says that she would rather like to be body-normative. Lizzo wants to normalize her body. She says that being fat is normal and all about that not being just a cool movement she wants to be a part of. She also talks about how she tackles with haters and wants to continue this journey for people who is continuing this struggle.

Lizzo says that change can be a bit uncomfortable at times! The Juice hitmaker has always been very vocal about body positivity issues and evens posts encouraging videos as well. The singer is breaking all kinds of records along with celebrating her body and other important issues as a Black woman who believes in making inspirational music for her fans.