Don’t Miss Out On This Exclusive First Look Poster From Marvel’s Black Widow showcasing all the major characters!

While Natasha Romanoff has left Marvels on a bittersweet note, the studios are allowing fans to witness her story one last time in her upcoming movie Black Widow.

Take A Look At This Exclusive Black Widow Poster Given Right Here!

The release date of the movie has been delayed yet again leading to a prolonged wait for fans, however, the makers are making sure that we get to see some sneak peek into all the coming kickass action and a never seen before origin story.  Here’s the first look exclusive poster from the movie.

The popular magazine, Total Film has released a brand new cover photo from the film featuring all the key actors from the coming Marvel movie that was supposed to open the Marvel Phase 4 line of films. Another picture holds an exciting quote which states that after an incredible ten-year journey, she is finally able to make a choice.

The Marvel Movie Has Been Pushed Back Yet Again For A Later Release.

The studio has now pushed back the release date and now the standalone movie will be hitting the big screens on 7th May 2021. Stranger Things star David Harbor and Florence Pugh will be starring alongside Scarlett Johansson in this upcoming Marvel movie. Taskmaster will also make his debut as the antagonist of the movie making things difficult for the team.

The movie will trace back Natasha’s backstory and origin before she becomes the Marvel superhero and joins the Avengers. The movie has been speculated to opt for a digital release but now the studio has rather pushed back the release date and it seems like the movie will finally head for a theatrical release after all!