Live Action Movie Mulan Is Finally Getting A Digital Release And UK Cinema Owners Are Not Thrilled About It! Check it out.

Credit: Disney

It seems like the studio giant Disney finally made a decision regarding the upcoming live-action movie Mulan’s release date and some people are not quite happy about it. After much speculations and several punched back dates, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has finally disclosed the information.

Disney’s New Announcement Has Agitated UK Cinema Owners And They Are Not Happy!

Live-action movie Mulan is finally heading for a digital release in the newly launched streaming service Disney+! However, UK cinema owners have expressed their disappointment and shock over this surprise announcement. Take a look at the announcement made on social media by the studio giant which led to the outrage.

Moreover, Phil Clapp, who is the head of the UK Cinema Association is also not quite thrilled with the decision and stated that it was indeed a step backward! He went on to say that many cinema-goers are going to be deprived of witnessing the magic on the big screens.

Live-Action Mulan Is Not Going For A Theatrical Release Anymore.

The decision was seen as a selfish move and the cinema owners are convinced that the studio giant is turning the revenues and are not interested in a partnership. This was supposed to be a partnership a according to the frustrated owners.

There was several changes made into the release date right from mid -March and finally a decision is made which might have angered many.  Moreover, the film is going to be a part of the premier access which means an extra amount has to be paid to witness the movie magic on the streaming service. The film is out for a September release digitally which in turn might boast the number of subscribers for Disney+.