Life And Beth : Violet Young To be the Teen Amy Schumer in The Hulu Series

Violet Young Is The Teen Version Of Beth

A young actress Violet Young joins the cast of Life And Beth. She will be the teen version of the leading character, Beth. She will be sharing this character with Amy Schumer who is the elder version of the character in the Hulu series.

Beth met an accident after which she starts having flashback to her teen. She learns how she became, who she is and what she wants to be.

Along with the leading faces, Michael Rapaport plays the role of Beth’s father.

Violet Young
Photo: Jessica Obser

Beth’s Wikipedia

The series follows Beth, who leaving a pretty good life on paper. She grew up being impressive to everyone and she is a wine distributor.

She is in a long-term relationship with a successful guy who lives in Manhattan.

After an incident, Beth engages with her past. Through flashback, she starts to learn how she became the person she is now and who she wants to become.

We will watch her how she builds her authentic life. How she learns to express herself and to live in an international way.

Faces Behind The Camera

Amy Schumer is the writer, director, executive producer and headliner of the Hulu series whereas the series is executive produced by Ryan McFaul, Daniel Powell and Kevin Kane. It is created by Endeavor Content, who are dealing with the international distribution of series.

Amy Schumer

Innovative Artists, Sinclair Management, Weinrib, Rudell and Vassallo supports and represents the young actor, Violet Young.

The Hulu series will also be available internationally in Disney+ . The director says, she is very excited about the viewer’s reaction after they see what Violet can do. She is the real deal for the Hulu series.