Levi’s Teams Up with Barbie Ferreira for a Game-Changing Capsule Collection!

Levi’s Collaborates with Barbie Ferreira to Launch a New Capsule Collection

Levi’s, the renowned denim brand, has teamed up with the talented actor and model Barbie Ferreira to create an exciting new capsule collection. This collaboration brings together the creative vision of both Levi’s and Ferreira to deliver a unique and stylish range of clothing.

Introducing the Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira Capsule Collection

The Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira capsule collection showcases the artistic talent of Ferreira’s best friend, Ben Evans, who has created a recurring bunny doodle that adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the designs. This exclusive collection celebrates individuality, self-expression, and the power of collaboration.

A Collection Inspired by Dark Fairy Tales and Nostalgic Dreams

Ferreira’s inspiration for the collection stems from her love for beautiful scenes and the desire to create a story with everyday wardrobe. The pieces in the collection are reminiscent of costuming from her favorite movies, striking a balance between a dark fairytale and a nostalgic dream.

Highlights of the Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira Capsule Collection

1. Oversized Long Dress Coat: Crafted from washed black denim and adorned with Evan’s doodles on the piping and interior seams. ($295)

2. Lace-Up Corset: Featuring lace-up details in the front and smocking in the back for an adjustable fit. ($85)

3. Lace-Up Flare Jean: Midrise flare jeans with lace-up details at the side hips and a back-patch emblazoned with Evan’s bunny drawing. ($115)

4. ’90s 501 Jeans: Allover graphic bunny print with a bleach splatter effect. ($135)

5. Chartreuse Pleated Skirt: Raw, distressed hem for a unique and edgy look. ($105)

Complete Your Look with the Perfect Tops

The collection also features a range of stylish tops that perfectly complement the bottoms:

1. Second Skin Top: A tight mesh long-sleeve shirt with a ’90s amoeba-style print and thumb holes. ($55)

2. Oversized Bunny Tee: A relaxed black T-shirt with a glow-in-the-dark bunny graphic. ($65)

Unleash Your Personal Style with Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira

The Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira capsule collection offers an expanded size range to ensure that everyone can find a fit that’s flattering and works for them. The jeans range from sizes 24 to 22W, while the shirts and T-shirts cater to sizes XS to 3X/4X. The collection is designed to empower individuals to express themselves through fashion, embracing their unique style and body shape.

Capturing the Essence with an Eerie Cinematic Campaign

To bring the collection to life, Ferreira enlisted her longtime collaborator and friend, Petra Collins, an artist and director known for her distinct style and ability to elevate subjects through visual storytelling. Together, they created a mesmerizing campaign that captures the essence of the collection’s dark fairytale and nostalgic dream influence.

Available Now Worldwide

The Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira capsule collection has launched on November 17 and is available for purchase on the official Levi’s website, the Levi’s app, and select Levi’s and Urban Outfitters stores. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the perfect pieces to unleash your personal style.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I find the Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira capsule collection in stores?

Yes, the collection is available at select Levi’s and Urban Outfitters stores. Check the store locator on the Levi’s website for more information.

2. Are the tops in the collection available in plus sizes?

Yes, the tops in the collection are available in sizes XS to 3X/4X, ensuring a wide range of sizes to cater to different body shapes.

3. Is the bunny doodle print exclusive to this collaboration?

Yes, the bunny doodle print created by Ben Evans is exclusive to the Levi’s x Barbie Ferreira capsule collection, adding a unique touch to the designs.

4. Can I purchase the collection online?

Absolutely! The collection is available for purchase on the official Levi’s website and the Levi’s app, allowing for a convenient shopping experience from the comfort of your own home.

5. Will there be more collaborations between Levi’s and Barbie Ferreira in the future?

While we can’t predict the future, both Levi’s and Barbie Ferreira have expressed their enthusiasm for working together. Stay tuned for potential future collaborations that celebrate creativity and individuality.