Coleen Rooney exposes husband Wayne’s jaw-dropping snub of Jay-Z at Glastonbury

Coleen Rooney Reveals How Husband Wayne Snubbed Meeting Jay-Z at Glastonbury

Coleen Rooney Reveals How Husband Wayne Snubbed Meeting Jay-Z at Glastonbury

Coleen Rooney recently opened up about a memorable encounter with Jay-Z at Glastonbury, where her husband Wayne Rooney turned down the opportunity to meet the famous rapper due to a hangover. In a candid interview, Coleen shared the details of the incident and how it affected their chances of meeting Jay-Z’s wife, Beyoncé.

A Missed Opportunity at Glastonbury

Back in 2011, during the Glastonbury festival, Jay-Z expressed his interest in meeting Wayne Rooney backstage. However, Wayne, who was feeling the effects of a hangover, decided not to go. This decision left Coleen and her friends to meet Jay-Z without Wayne’s presence.

Coleen’s Account of the Incident

While speaking on the Tracks Of My Years radio show, Coleen shared the details of what happened backstage at Glastonbury. She mentioned that they had a connection to get side-stage access and that she went over with her friends while Wayne promised to follow them later.

A Delicate Wayne and a Missed Opportunity

Coleen explained that Wayne’s delicate state on that particular Sunday prevented him from joining them at the main stage. When Jay-Z approached Coleen and asked about Wayne’s whereabouts, Coleen informed him that Wayne would be joining them soon. However, when she urged Wayne to come over, he declined, stating that he couldn’t be bothered.

Regret and Reflection

Wayne later expressed regret for not seizing the opportunity to meet Jay-Z. Coleen admitted that she was disappointed they didn’t get the chance to meet Beyoncé, who was headlining the festival. The couple had a great time overall, but Wayne couldn’t help but feel regret the following day.

Wayne’s Embarrassing Moments with Musicians

This incident wasn’t the first time Wayne embarrassed himself in front of musicians. Coleen shared another funny encounter involving Lewis Capaldi, where Wayne belted out one of Capaldi’s songs but got the lyrics wrong, leading to laughter from everyone present.

Coleen’s Truthful Memoir

Recently, Coleen released her memoir, “My Account,” where she candidly addressed Wayne’s past scandals and how they affected their relationship. She revealed that she always stays truthful with their four children about the challenges they’ve faced as a couple.

A Family Affair

In her memoir, Coleen emphasized the importance of family and how she involved her children in their journey. She spoke about dealing with Wayne’s infidelity and the impact it had on their relationship, while also expressing her commitment to support her children through any similar challenges they might face in the future.

Telling Her Truth

During an appearance on This Morning, Coleen explained why she decided to share the truth surrounding Wayne’s cheating and prostitute scandals. She wanted people to understand the reasons behind her actions and thoughts, and hoped it would inspire others to work through difficult times in their own relationships.


The incident at Glastonbury where Wayne Rooney turned down the chance to meet Jay-Z serves as a reminder that even celebrities experience moments of regret. Coleen’s candidness about their relationship challenges, as well as Wayne’s occasional embarrassing encounters with musicians, highlights the complexities of their journey. Through it all, Coleen remains committed to honesty, love, and supporting their family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Wayne ever regret not meeting Jay-Z?Yes, Wayne expressed regret the following day for not taking the opportunity to meet Jay-Z.
2. What other musician did Wayne embarrass himself in front of?Wayne embarrassed himself in front of Lewis Capaldi by singing one of his songs with the wrong lyrics.
3. Why did Coleen decide to write her memoir?Coleen wanted to share her truth and the reasons behind her actions, as well as provide inspiration for others facing relationship challenges.
4. How does Coleen involve her children in their journey?Coleen remains truthful with her children about the challenges they’ve faced as a couple, keeping them involved and supporting them through difficult times.
5. What message does Coleen hope to convey through her memoir?Coleen hopes that her memoir will inspire others to work through difficult times in their relationships and find strength and love.