Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium reveales an aged Supergirl!


Superhero comics have always dealt with themes like powers, humanity, and immortality. Moreover, in trying to engage with these arcs and storylines, often readers find their favorite superheroes at a future date and era and answers how their superheroes will hold up in the test of time. For example, we have had Action Comics #1000 where Superman was shown five billion years later. Also, usually, the heroes hold up their age. However, this time, it is different.Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium reveales an aged Supergirl! 5 For a change, it is not a male superhero. It is Supergirl. Moreover, in this week’s Legion Of The Superheroes: Millennium Kryptonian Kara, is shown having a chat with the immortal Rose and Thorn a thousand years later. Moreover, she looks old. Thorn, who was the mysterious red-head, was revealed as the present-day DC villain.

Supergirl Kara plays a pivotal role in DC Universe’s 31st Century and Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium. She is taking up the role of President. Series writer Brian Michael Bendis shared information about Karar and her new aged look. “By the time the character walks up to the Legion at the end of Millennium,” Bendis shared, “She has with her an astounding amount of information and inspiration to give them, which is different from past Legion stories.”Legion Of Super-Heroes: Millennium reveales an aged Supergirl! 6The page featurettes were released by DC Co-Publisher/ Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee on Thursday. True comic fans have however pointed out from the released interior pages that even though Supergirl has aged, she has done so slowly and that her outfit hints at a position of leadership and power, possibly the leader of the future United States. 

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1, by BendisLeeAndre AraujoAndrea Sorrentino, and Dustin Nguyen will go on sale September 4, 2019.