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Lead Star Tom Cruise Expresses His Anger When Some Crew Members Were Reckless About The Safety Measures On The Sets Of Mission Impossible 7!

While pandemic terror is still looming large on the entire worldwide, several big tent pole movies have started their production with safety measures taken with utter attention.

Tom Cruise Warned A Few Crew Members As They Were Not Abiding By The Safety Protocols!

Several media tabloids have reported that lead star Tom Cruise is not happy as he recently saw that some of the crew members were not abiding by the safety measures on the sets of Mission Impossible7! The actor is quite frustrated with this kind of reckless behavior and is not quite thrilled about it.

Production of Mission Impossible was halted earlier after due to the whole lockdown situation, after that when filming was resumed a minor stunt accident occurred on sets that resulted in a huge financial loss. The filming was halted when as many as twelve people on set tested positive for COVID-19 in Italy. Filming has finally kick started and some of the social media posts are right from the sets of Mission Impossible 7!


The Lead Star Is Not Taking Any Chances And Wants No More Delays!

According to some reports, the leading star was quite upset when he saw two crew members standing too close to one another in front of a computer screen, he even warned them that if this happens again they would be gone from the sets. Tom Cruise has been quite strict with the safety guidelines and is raking no chance.

He even scolded the crew for taking advantage of the safe environment that the team in place worked so hard to create, he further said how many are depending on this and might be out of jobs because the industry is shut down!  

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