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Lily James Is All Set To Play Pamela Anderson In An Upcoming Untitled Hulu Series!

While fans are well aware of Pamela Anderson’s and how her life jas always been one of fame and controversy, it seems like another popular actress is soon going to play her in an upcoming project.

Rebecca Star Lily James Is Going To Play Pamela Anderson In An Upcoming Hulu Series!

Apparently, the streaming service Hulu is planning to develops an event series that will focus on Pamela Anderson’s life and especially her controversial relationship with Tommy Lee, their sex tape was leaked given rise to a huge controversy that shook the entire entertainment industry.

The sex tape was leaked after Anderson and Lee’s honeymoon back in 1995, while the Baywatch star later sued the video distribution company called Internet Entertainment Group. The settlement was, however, done confidentially.

The Series Will Look Into The Controversial Sex Tape Leak Incident!

While Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are not involved in the project, it is reported that they are quite aware of it. Captain Aerica star Sebastian Stan is on board to play the role of Tommy Lee. Even Seth Rogen is going to be involved in the Hulu series, he is rumored to play the man who stole the tape. With such an impressive cast ensemble, the series is going to be an interesting watch.

The controversial story being a real-life one is expected to be a short one. We wonder what the Baywatch star has to say about it. Lily James was recently seen in the Netflix movie, Rebecca. It would be interesting to see Lily James take on the bold avatar of Pamela Anderson and we sure are excited to see the whole scandal unfold in this upcoming Hulu series.

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