Latest Release by Netflix “The Midnight Club” is cancelled after Season 1

Mike Flanagan is steady to carry on the Series

The just-released thriller series “The Midnight Club” has been canceled by Netflix just after its season one which was released this year (2022). The cancellation of the spirit show is followed by executive producers Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy leaving their agreement made with Netflix, where they joined and teamed up with Amazon Studios with a new agreement.

Resources say that the production company Intrepid Pictures under which the series comes on had a contract with Netflix since 2019. The cancellation of “Midnight Club” was first reported by TheWrap closely followed by Deadline, Variety.

Cast of The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club

Visualizing Christopher Pike’s writing, creator Flanagan decided to create “The Midnight Club,” which is about youths living under Brightcliffe Hospice in attention to the reason for their illness. The location where the Hospice stood is filled with mysterious stuff and secrets behind it.

A group of young men and women regularly met at midnight and shared tales of intrigue and horror in the series. With engaging going on within the group one night they agree that the first passer away will try to do everything possible to get in touch with any of the others after death.

What Flanagan has in mind for The Midnight Club

During the month of October, in a press conference, Flanagan stated that the series is made with the intention to keep it going on. “I’m unsure if it will. We’ll wait and see how things go, and probably another month or so before we find out what Netflix intends to do,” the creator continues.

He further mentions that the writer Christopher Pike has 80 novels through which the series is being created, clearly that there are a lot of things there to uncover and answer the unanswered questions, for which all we have to wait for the next season of every released season.

He lastly gives his word saying “I’ll post them on Twitter if there isn’t one. Then at least everyone will be able to discuss it,” that if it ever happens that the show takes completely off from running.