Cocaine Bear Trailer is Out, and The Beast mode is On

Cocaine Bear Giving Literal Wildest Movie Vibes

Cocaine Bear Trailer is out and social media is already in the rush to talk about this upcoming true event-based movie directed by Elizabeth Banks. The real story is of a running drug dealing person meeting with a plane accident in 1985, and with contained cocaine going missing and when found by a black bear, of all the things that could be done, it ate the drug. The movie seems to be quite an enjoyable thrilling journey through what we know from the trailer.

But even with the entire roar going on there are some comments and opinions of people that the movie might not hit the roof as it may seem. Surely, it would not have any sub-plot attached to it, but in the end, the idea of a bear having an entire box of cocaine stuffing inside is more entertaining for the movie than the actual event.

Cocaine Bear
Universal Pictures | Youtube

Closely following the true event, research says that the bear died most likely scared and in terrible pain back in 1985 when a medical examiner found that it had suffered from brain hemorrhaging with the additional worst conditions of the kidney, heart, and lung failure. Which, if we really focus on is not such entertaining and is a rather depressing movie instead of what we can have now.

The bear as shown in the trailer consumes a huge full of cocaine from a packed box that appears to give it drug-boosted energy. Turning into an ultra-beast the bear keeps charging at several people around and even surpasses the speed of an ambulance carrying panicked individuals who are trying to save themselves from it.

Clearly, Cocaine Bear already seems to be a ton of fun just watching its trailer, but let’s not go too far about it as there might be a close chance for all of it to collapse since there are many movies out there that never matched to the hope they built from their trailers.

The film is set to release in 2023 on February 24.