Lana del Rey is facing major criticism for posting a series of looter videos during George Floyd protests. Here is what happened.

It seems like in the wakes of these new turn of events while everyone if raising their voice against the racial violence and the ruthless incident of police brutality that followed. Let us take a look at the controversial feud that happens along with some major backlash.

Lana Del Rey Facing Major Backlash After Posting A Series Of Videos! Here’s What We Know.

However, a celeb has also tried to participate in the worldwide protest but however, instead ended up having some major backlash. Lana Del Rey has recently faced some major hate from fans and musicians after she posted a series of videos of the Los Angeles protests.

Apparently, the videos had a series of violent actions while some businesses were being looted along with one person standing in a car. Some people soon took offense with Lana’s choice to show the faces of fellow protesters who were looting. Not only people but even another singing star was pretty irritated from the videos and termed it dangerous as f***.

Another Singing Celebrity Also Called Out Lana!

Kehlani soon called Lana out and posted a Twitter post which was later deleted, asking her to remove the videos as it is dangerous and is a poor choice of moments to post online. However, the feud actually got all the more heated when Lana re-uploaded her subsequent video, Kehlani soon doubled down on her criticism.

Moreover, Kehlani also soon posted a Twitter post and indirectly talked about why Lana reports the subsequent videos even though taking them down for a while. Kehlani asks her to take down the posts after getting enough messages on Instagram. Well, the feud has already become heated!