LaCasa De Papel aka Money Heist: Living Upto the Legacy, the Much-Awaited Fabulous Season 4 Blew Away People’s Minds – Review

‘Money Heist’ was most trending in Netflix India in the last week. Every fan of it was eagerly waiting for the release of the show. With every season being left at a cliff hanger and the proper screen paly story has brought it a huge base. All the seasons had an IMBD rating of not less than 8.3, which means there is a lot of stuff in it!

What made Money Heist special?

A still from ‘Money Heist’
A still from ‘Money Heist’

In a heist as such planned requires a logical thinking brain. A brain that is always calm and is capable of taking appropriate decisions at right time and execute the plans properly and most importantly the brain should overwrite all emotional attachments one has.In this show, we see no such cases anywhere around.

Overview of the first three seasons of Money Heist!

Season 1: A virtuoso, named Professor, contracts eight individuals with nothing to lose and encases them into a plan to possess the Royal Mint of Spain, grab couple dozen residents, and print a huge number of dollars.

Season 2:It finishes up the heist in a satisfying way and leaves you speculating until the last minutes concerning how it will all shake out. When the enduring group individuals are free, it leaves one final detail left before throwing in the towel.

Season 3: The group wanting to take 90 tons of gold from the Bank of Spain, with the finale finishing part of the way through that criminal act. At a similar time, the group was attempting to get Rio (Miguel Herrán) back after he was caught by the specialists.

Overview Of Season 4

Note: Spoiler Alert!!

The Best!! That’s what you can call the 4th season!

With every episode leaving a cliff hanger creating curiosity among the viewers hard to anticipate the next move made by either of the side season 4 has a lot of twists and turns involved in every episode of it.

The season 4 has 8 episodes in each ranging between 45-60 min. The list of the episodes: 

We left the masked robbers in probably the hardest circumstance they have faced — Lisbon, once in the past Inspector Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) is thought to be executed, they’ve set off rockets in the core of the city in reprisal, and Nairobi’s (Alba Flores) life remains in a precarious situation. What would be an ideal next step? For the watcher, the ethical inquiry of who we ought to pull for keeps on bewildering every step of the way.

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Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) is tireless in the command center, on occasion, for some time, opposing Colonel Luis Tamayo’s requests. The Professor (Álvaro Morte), it appears, has lost his magic. What’s more, inside the Bank of Spain, relationship inconveniences appear to place the whole activity in danger. There are a few typical cases of why working with your life partner isn’t the best thought.

Indeed, even to some extent three, Rodrigo De la Serna as Martin/Palermo displayed the kind of controlling inclinations that made him a flawed pioneer. This time around, he channels an alarming unsteadiness that the posse is progressively awkward with.

Through flashbacks highlighting Berlin (Pedro Alonso), we get some clearness to the circumstance — Palermo’s loyalties lie with his arrangement, not with The Professor, and he will take the necessary steps to ensure everybody is in line. To this end, new partnerships are shaped and broken, placing everybody in the bank in a tricky position. If Tokyo’s (Ursula Corbero) unreasonable choices in past seasons were baffling to watch, Palermo’s jokes are similarly grinding.

Makes Money Heist so dazzling that it permits human feelings to control overall. Rio’s (Miguel Herrán) post-traumatic stress issue (from being detained and tortured by Sierra) is a normal reaction. For individuals who put their lives in peril to safeguard him, the group, particularly Denver (Jaime Lorente), is very unsympathetic to his condition.

This supercilious disposition to somebody they consider sufficiently significant to hazard everything ought to have been taken care of better. Lorente’s job and reactions likewise appear to be unsurprising: one would anticipate that Denver should have developed as an individual. Stockholm — the most well-suited moniker of all — has an incredible bend, and Esther Acebo goes for it.

Another character that has been grown well is Tokyo. Her unstable nature, in any case, she endeavors to make the best choice for everybody included. In any case, it doesn’t reduce her occasionally vulgar mind. The Professor, then again, appears to be excessively far misguided from what has been set up in past seasons.

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It is acceptable to see a human side to him, lamenting for Raquel. Yet, he is additionally the man who cut himself and resembled an alcoholic drifter to escape from the police — it would have been fascinating to see a greater amount of that. Luka Peros as Marseille is the ideal sidekick, not wavering to exchange punches if it implies his supervisor refocuses.

Nairobi tries to recover and motivates her team to work faster and be confident in the meanwhile Chief Security Guard of Governor who escaped with the help of Palermo tries to eliminate the heist team. He captures Nirobhi and makes a deal with the rest of the team to move out and leave her safe. But he did not stand to his words. He shot Nirobhi dead and tries to escape which he partially fails.

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By the end of the season, he is again in the hands of the heist team while Raquel is also with them stuck inside the bank.

On the whole, season four is all the more quickly paced and highlights shocks in each scene, combined with a suggestive soundtrack that strangely includes English hits from the 80s. Anticipate a great deal of disappointment and hollering at the screen too — some of the time, it feels like you are viewing a thriller where the character is accomplishing something pointless. You trust they take the correct choices and don’t respond dependent on their feelings.

Season 4 ends with the most ever thrilling way one wouldn’t expect to end. For the first time Professor is tracked down by Inspector Alicia Sierra and he doesn’t know it and now he is under her custody and the heist team is still inside the bank!

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You trust they are around for one more heist. With bits of gossip about section five (yet to be affirmed by Netflix), it would seem that we won’t need to sing Bella Ciao to the pack at any point soon.