Money Heist Season 4 Review: The Heist Successfully Kept Us on the Toes Throughout

Money Heist aka LaCasa De Papel, a Spanish stimulating drama show that’s driving the sensation in these days of quarantine. The series has released its fourth season. An awaited one though. The die-hard fans would definitely understand the Zeist, that drives the whirling expressions over the web.

The new season of the show has accomplished the benchmark of one the most bewildering yet loving show of the Netflix. The show is now the most popular Non-English Show on the Streaming giant.

The fourth season commences with the waiting fate of the heist in the last season, the makers managed to keep up with the expectations regarding the suspense of Finale of the third season. Yet the Adrenaline rush isn’t consistent throughout the Heist. This time the Professor isn’t that much in the limelight. Rules have changed Raquel lands in custody and the team is clueless and not capable to lead themselves.

The Makers tried to indulge the chaos well with the time, but somewhere it just becomes evident that two elements are not cumulative together. Well, some point even gives you thrill but only flare to dismiss soon. The subplots and the threading past of majors is just a mere distraction from the high tension present. But that’s calming to watch.

The location is definitely worthy and jaw-dropping. The architecture of the bank of Spain leaves you stunned. Talking about the characters we have some old flavors that you all guys love. But some new characters have even sabotaged the criticism. A pregnant cop Alicia, who don’t play by book. This season also takes us to the flashback of Berlin, the foil one.

The show doesn’t leave females behind and showcase a fair dominance and distinguished female characters in this male-dominated setup. The action this time is more kind of Violent but that’s okay, with Heist fans. Clearly the show is bizarre to watch but lags at some points. Nevertheless, the suspense never fails to trail in Money heist and with the Season Finale, we only hope to see the team again soon with a new season.

Money Heist Season 4 Review: The Heist Successfully Kept Us on the Toes Throughout 1
Credit: Netflix

All of you, who still haven’t watched the new season or yet to stumble upon the series, our advice is to head straight to Netflix and begin this nail-biting drama which will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout.