Is L you favourite character too in the anime series Death Note? Read to know everything you want to about this character.

The fictional character of the Manga series Death Note, L Lawliet, was created by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba. The character is not just mysterious but also an enigmatic person. He is also a highly esteemed consulting detective internationally. And he also has an assistant, Watari, who becomes a medium for his communication with the law enforcement agencies. He also acts as his official liaison having some authorities. However, the assistant’s real identity and background are not revealed.

L’s past is a complete mystery to everyone and has got the title as one of the World’s greatest detective. In addition, he’s also a criminal profiler. His voice-over in English is done by Alessandro Juliani. And in the Japanese anime shows it’s done by Shin-ichiro Miki and Kappei Yamaguchi. Well, the three of them have done incredible work as L’s vocalists. His last appearance was in chapter 58 of the show. And the title for that episode was “Feelings within.”

The central character of the series is Light Yagami. L’s work throughout the series was to keep observing and spying around him. The light was a high school genius, and L aimed to prove him to be an infamous serial killer, Kira. He was the one responsible for exposing some big worldwide criminals. And he did it with the help of some supernatural means. The series shows a wide range of mind games going on between L and Light. They both struggle to expose the other’s real identity in front of everyone.

Kenichi Matsuyama portrays the role of L in the live-action film series. In the TV drama, it’s done by Kento Yamazaki. And in the American film, Lakeith Stanfield¬†does it.