Kissing Booth CO Stars Are Joey and Jacob Together? Or its a love triangle?

Never a dull day for media! The rumor mill has to bring two hearts together. Love, link-up, breakup day starts with these buzzing speculations. Fresh on the grill is high school romantic drama the Kissing Booth stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi.

The cute love story blossomed when Elle and Noah met at the set of their movie. Since then, they have been seen together and linked up. Everyone liked the real and reel life romance between the stars. The film became popular in no time, and viewers appreciated the hot teen rom-com movie.

Soon within a few months, it seems the love got struck, not by the cupid. Joey and Jacob both shown the growing distances between them through their social media. Can it be to create sensational news? Or the couple wants to figure out their relationship?

The announcement of Kissing Booth 2 brought a lot of excitement amongst the fans and the media world. But no real sparks were shown between Joey and Jacob.

Spotlight favorite 20 year old Joey King gave a break to media speculations when she attended Emmys 2019. She rocked everyone with her impeccable appearance. The producer of Kissing Booth movie Steven Piet spotted with Joey, added the bonus flavor.

Sources have confirmed the new couple in town is spending time together, be it a Harry Porter movie screening or sharing the Red Carpet.

They can be seen together because of the professional work commitment or some mystic attraction drawing them nearer. Whatever it is at least for the time being, Joey, Jacob, and Steve are sharing the same picture. We have to wait and see who appears together in their Instagram stories.

At least that will give us some respite and divert us to focus on some other celeb link-up or breakup?