Kim Kardashian Asks People To Understand Kanye West’ s Situation After His Public Meltdown and Controversial Tweets!

After Kanye West went on to make some bold yet controversial claims in his recent political campaign in South Carolina after fans assumed it was one of Kanye’s public meltdown.

Kim Kardashian Soon Jumped In To Defend Rapper Kanye West After His Public Meltdown!

However, the rapper went on to make some bold tweets as well and the whole world was shocked! The rapper went on to call out some celebs including Anna Wintour and Shia Lebeauf. With all these controversial claims, Kim Kardashian has jumped in to defend her husband. Not only Kim Kardashian but even singer Halsey also defended the rapper as he is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Take a look at this Twitter post made by the celeb!

Kim Kardashian is requesting people to show compassion while addressing Kanye’s bipolar issue. She went on to say that people who are suffering through the bipolar issue or have a loved one who has it might be able to understand how painful it is.



Kim Kardashian Instagram story.
Kim Kardashian Instagram story.
Kim Kardashian Instagram story

The Rapper Made Some Bold Tweets Along With Controversial Public Statements!

Fans were showing their concerns about Kanye’s deteriorating mental health. The rapper even went on to say how Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner tried to lock him up in a room! He even claimed that he considered divorcing his wife! This was surely not all as there is more to it!

This was not the end of it as the rapper went on to say that how he even considered aborting his first child with Kim Kardashian! After an array of such problematic and controversial claims, many speculated that the rapper might be having mental breakdown.  Kanye West recently announced his upcoming music album.