Fans Were Shocked After American Actress Claudia Haro Was Arrested For Attempt To Murder! What did actually happen?

Fans must be well aware of the American actress Claudia Haro. One of her noted films is 1995 iconic movie, Casino. However, apart from her acting career, Haro went on to make headlines. Let’s just say it was not for a film!

Claudia Haro Made Headlines For Serving Prison Time For Attempted Murder!

The actress made news after she was sentenced to twelve years and four months in prison for a severe allegation of attempted murder! Apart from a controversial criminal record, the actress also made news for a complicated personal life as well.

The actress was known for charming good looks, however, Haro had to suffer through quite a few failed marriages. Haro was married to The Home Alone star Joe Pesci, although there was soon trouble in paradise and the couple called it quits.

The American Actress Had A Complicated Personal Life And Several Failed Marriages!

After Pesci, Haro was married to stuntman Garrett Warren. Even this marriage did not last long and the couple separated in 1999. The separation was, however, a dramatic one that became bitter with time. The bitterness went on to such an extent that while Haro lost the legal battle, she hired a killer to assassinate Warren. It was 2005 , when Claudia was arrested and even former husband Joe Pesci’s name was also dragged into the whole controversy!


Soon after her controversial separation from Warren, Claudia started dating reality star Russell Armstrong. However, the relationship soon turned to be an abusive one with allegations of Russell slapping Claudia so hard that her neck was snapped back! The whole thing became all the more controversial as Russell committed suicide in 2011 , Claudia was dragged into the whole mess!