Is Kendall Jenner Dating Basketball Player, Devin Booker? Looks like something is cooking between them and fans are excited to find out!!

One of the famous Kardashians, Kendall Jenner, is spending her quarantine not at home, but instead on the road. She was spotted traveling to Sedona, a place in Arizona with a famous basketballer, Devin Booker.  She traveled despite the home order everywhere. So is there anything cooking between the two, as even in quarantine, they are together?

It is revealed that Kendal and her friends have a small group, of which Devin is also a part. They all were following the quarantine guidelines until they felt they needed some fresh air, for which the group decided to go on a road trip.

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Various sources reveal that the two are just friends, but the way they are with each other, it does not look like. Also earlier, Kendall revealed that she has a thing for basketball players, so maybe.

This road trip was considered unessential by many sources as it was against law and order, everyone understands the situation, and just like she wanted fresh air, everyone wants to get out of their homes as well.

There has not been any confirmation if they are dating or not, but sources reveal they are seen hanging out together several times.

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i wanna go back so bad 📷 @amberasaly

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This road trip did give the public some hints that something might be going on, because breaking rules of the country, just to get some fresh air does not sound normal.

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The two are never seen as close friends report some sources, they are seen more than friends and more like a couple. But till now, none of them has confirmed officially that they are together.

So till then, if you are their fans, all you can do is wait for any latest update.