Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles spark was still flying all over the place and fans are hoping to see them together?

Harry Styles appeared on Spill your guts or fill your guts on The Late Late Show with his former flame Kendall Jenner. And let us say, the interaction between the two was really cheeky guys. Wink Wink! The 24-year-old supermodel came as a guest with 47-year-old Tracee Ellis Ross. Meanwhile, 25-year-old Styles hosted the show in the absence of James Corden.

In 2014, there was news flying around about the romantic linkup between  Harry and Kendall. But it seems the sparks between them are still flying. The duo made some really bold sexual comments and munched on cod sperm and a bull’s penis. They got to choose between answering a question or take bites of giant water scorpion, 1000 year old eggnog, cow blood, bug trifle and pork tongue jelly. Yeah, you can join us to say “Yuccck!“.

When Kendall was asked to rank her siblings from best to worst parents, Harry chose eggnog for her. Kendall said she could actually answer that and started her answer saying each one of them was amazing parents. Kendall opted for a strapless jumpsuit with printed colorful shoes on it for the show. Harry had a cheeky glint in his eyes as he said, “Okay.” Kendall further went on to explain the answer saying Rob is number one, then Khloe, Kim, Kylie, and Kourtney.

This went to and fro for some time as the duo flirted with each other while asking questions. And we have to say, it was really entertaining to watch. But then came the blockbuster question. Kendall asked Harry to rank the solo careers of his former One Direction bandmates. Of course, you know who they are right? Yeah, our very own favorite boys Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Kendall chose the giant water scorpion for him. We don’t think we need to say the question was really awkward. And answering it might hurt someone’s feelings as well. So what did Harry do?

Styles immediately started to dig into the giant water scorpion. But of course, that was the safest thing to do. But overall the episode was the perfect mix of cheeky, flirty and is definitely worth watching. So for the people who still haven’t, check it out on ET link, as the official video was removed by youtube!!