Richard Speight Jr is all ready for Lucifer season 5: It has become bigger and better!! Checkout for release date, plot, cast and Trailer!!

Lucifer is back for season 5 on Netflix and we just can’t chill.

And here’s everything we know about it so far.  This show is the latest one Netflix revived. FOX canceled the series after three seasons. But after a massive fan campaign, it was revived. On 7th May, 2019 the announcement came for Lucifer’s fifth season. Even though the news made everyone happy, somehow it made people sad too. Why? Because the fifth season is going to be the last season of the series.

Fans around the world are damn excited for the final season, and so are the showrunners. They definitely want to make the last season count. What is the current production status? At the end of June 2019, a Twitter post confirmed that the crew was busy in the writer’s room. They also gave a hint that the writing of the first scene of Season 5 was already over. Richard Speight Jr will be back to direct Season 5 of Lucifer.

The filming process of Season 5 began in September 2019. A picture also came out on the Internet of the entire cast. In December 2019, an account shared the first look for Season 5. The team released the name of the first episode in August and it excited the fans. Over the time, the other names also started to come out and each one means something. But what will happen in the last season?

Eve departed at the end of Season 4, but it feels her story is incomplete. So she might return in the final season. Firstly, news came out that Season 5 would have 10 episodes. But as of July 2019, it seems Netflix gave orders to expand the number of episodes. Moreover, another news claims that the final season of Lucifer will air in two halves. It is expected that Season Five of Lucifer is set to release in 2020. And the second half might release at the end of 2020. The official trailer has not got released yet.