Katie Holmes, 40 Proudly Shows Off her Wrinkled Tummy and Stretch Marks on Instagram

Actress Katie Holmes has decided to leave her fans in awe yet again with the recent photoshoot she did with Vogue Australia. The 40-year-old actress decided to put her stretch marks full out for full display and her fans are up and applauding.

Katie Holmes has always been appreciated by her fans for her acting and fashion sense, but recently the actress has left her fans with a new sense of appreciation for her new Instagram post. With the 2 celebratory behind the scenes photographs, from the latest photoshoot the actress did with Vogue Australia, the actress has gained much more respect from her fans by exposing her stretch on full display to be captured.

In the photograph that caused the internet to go wild, the actress can be seen dawning a cashmere cardigan and bra set. She sports an oversized blazer accompanied with high-waisted dress pants and a simple black bra top that left the stretch marks on her stomach bare and full display.

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#bts @vogueaustralia 💕💕💕 it is wonderful to be working today with such amazing women!

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Stretch marks are a battle that every woman has to suffer through at some point in her life. With the high and unachievable standards of beauty that the society has decided to erect for the women, stretch marks can turn into a matter of self-esteem issues for some.

In the photograph, the stretch marks are faintly visible above the waistline of the actress which has garnered thousands of likes from fans across the globe applauding in the comments. In a picture-perfect industry where perfection is the key to fit in, the fact that the actress decided to put out her own imperfection, which every female on the globe could relate to, is a huge step in the eyes od the audience.